Assess Phase

The first phase of the delivery mechanism is the assessment phase and during this phase a clear definition of the assessment and its goal along with the mechanism is laid out.

  • Create discovery POD
  • User Research
  • Survey, observation
  • Insights Gathering
  • Interviews
  • Forms Usability Study
  • Data definitions
  • Journey maps

Ideate Phase

The second phase of service delivery is the ideate phase. During this phase CommuForce engages with the various stakeholders to brainstorm and generates a storyline. It also prioritizes the goals during this phase.

  • Broad to Narrow
  • Brainstorm
  • Generate Ideas
  • Draft Hypothesis
  • Problem & Solution Interviews
  • Storyboard target journeys
  • Prioritize against goals


The third phase of the service delivery is a very critical phase and it helps to decide on what the core Minimum Viable Product (MVP) will be. It also helps validate the build mechanism and helps to course correct if needed.

  • Create core MVC POD team
  • Apply Lean & Agile model
  • Build MVP
  • Leverage DevOps
  • Desing, Build, Test
  • Validate MVP
  • Pivot / Fail Fast or Preserve
  • End of MVP Report
  • Bussiness Acceptance


The fourth phase of service delivery is the Validate phase. During this phase, value realization validation is done to make sure that the built product is in line with the value that it was to realize and helps make improvements to the product.

  • Testing & Validation
  • Bussiness Acceptance
  • Go Live For Target Audience & Test
  • Monitor and tweak
  • Make improvements
  • End of Pilot report
  • Acceptance for scale


The final phase of service delivery is to help scale the solution to meet the increased demand and also benchmark increased throughput.

  • Expand Product Suite
  • Scale Infrastructure and make required changes to solutions to meet expectations in the area of expansion
  • Update and maintain content based on feedback
  • Releases – Solutions Delivery and Platform Delivery Releases